“Everyone and everything has a price, the only question is, are you willing to pay it?”

Other Racial Names: Terrans, Solarians

Home System: Sol
Home Planet: Earth
Years in Space:

Governing Body Name: Solarian Banking Authority for the Human Commonwealth
Government Structure: Share-held Corporations overseen by the Terran Banking Authority
Leader: CEO

Progressive Level: 6 (Fusion Age)

Common Allegiances:
Common Alignmnets:


No current culture has achieved the economic and social prosperity of the Humans. Nearly their entire civilization hinges on maintaining an excellent economy. Many humans brilliantly arrange sales between other humans greatly increasing their income.

This emphasis on trade has a large impact on the this race’s government affairs. In order to stimulate trade income, subsidies in the form of loans are given by the Solarian Banking Authority (SBA) to sub-companies in it’s holdings. This increases the income of most businesses, which of course increases the amount of taxes the government gets back in return.

Occasionally a recession will hit which causes much hardship in Human Society. The SBA has safeguards that it uses to try to keep recessions at bay but unfortunately the events of the Second Galactic War has overpowered them. The Human economy needs a boost or their civilization will be hit by the worst economic depression in their history since the mid twentieth century.

The humans have faced many terrible hardships before. During the Second Galactic War, also known as the War of Skirineen Aggression, their homeworld’s only moon was devestated by several Supernova Warheads. A third of this moon was blown apart and now a new asteriod belt permanently encircles the Earth. Not only were most satellites in Earth’s orbit damaged, if not outright destroyed, but it has greatly complication shipping from Earth (still the Human’s most advanced manufacturing world) to intergalactic trade outposts. Not to mention that the Terran’s main shipping center on Luna Prime was destroyed in the resulting attack.

While various Corporations running under the auspices of the Solarian Banking Authority have standing security forces of their own, the true Human Military, at least as most races define it as a standing army for the defense of racial issues as a whole, are known as the Merchant Marines. Other species refer to the Merchant Marines as glorified Mercenaries, the Merchant Marines will point out that during the First Galactic War (aka the Re’Lu – Cyth war) they were the main fighting force that held off both the far more fearsome Tarth Shocktroopers and the far more numerous Ch’Ch’t infantry with very little troop assistance from their allies the Uva Mosk, Re’Lu, and later Maug. That this was largely accomplished through a combination of superior space-fleet tactics and super-soldier serum is not broadcasted as loudly.


Law & Crime:


The Humans developed a mild planet in the Sol system. Their ancient civilization began in several areas of the planet, suggesting that their prehistoric ancestors were more nomadic than other species. Since their civilization evolved in different regions, many Human groups developed independently from one another and were only unified recently in Galactic History. This accounts for the rich diversity of culture; there are more subdivisions of Humans than any other race. Unfortunately this diversity also caused much strife on their home planet.

Early humans had a strong sense of patriotism. Most o their cultural history recounts war afr war. As human technology developed and their civilizations matured, these conflicts grew in size and intensity. Towards the middle of the twentieth century great wars were fought which engaged many countries of Earth, their homeworld. These wars, the World Wars, caused much carnage and damage to Human society. The humans rebounded from all this carnage, however, showing the vitality of this species.

While the power of human weaponry grew so did the need for a stable economy. Gradually their bloodlust was channeled into economic battles. Trade was between various groups grew more and more common. Often these trade wars caused much strife, particularly when relations broke down between countries and embargoes were put in place. However, economic hardships rarely became life threatening and most major wars ceased. The humans became experts in dealing with these economic conflicts and battled against each other to solidify economic prosperity.

The humans were anxious to get into space. Thanks to their nearby telepathic neighbors, the Re’Lu, they literally dreamed about space travel. Starting around 1914 AD (Terran Dating) Re’Lu telepathy beams bean connecting with humans. Unfortunately very few humans are telepathic. The messages they managed to receive often arrived damaged or incomplete. The miscommunication was compounded because most humans saw these messages during their dreaming state. The Re’Lu never really could tell what effect their messages had because they only received strangely violent and bizarre return images. When the Re’Lu and humans finally met two hundred years later on Inalga VI they had a good laugh over these early “close encounters.”

Despite this telepathically induced early contact, space travel had been the goal of many a human scientist for centuries. A primitive Earth entertainment called audio-enhanced moving pictographics showed humans exploring their dead moon and beyond. Many of these “movies” depicted great battles between the Humans and other unknown aliens. Sadly, while most of their technological predictions were false, the predictions of interstellar conflict came true.

The period of Terran Unification, ushered in by the Unified Banking Act, made the former World Bank of the United Nations into the governing body of all Humans. As countries waned in power to International (and then Interplanetary) MegaCorporations new laws regarding copyright law, trade wars, and corporate espionage were needed. The act effectively ceded the remaining vestiges of sovereignty from countries to corporations, which became the new sovereign figures. The Solarian Banking Authority, a single united, and initially unitary, bank was created to amass and rate the trustworthiness of investments as well as to enforce contractual obligations.


The Solarian economy is the largest in terms of size (of credit units). While manufacturing is still an important part of the human economy (they are only second in production capacity to the Ch’Ch’t), logistics and transportation create a far larger portion of total Gross Profits. However, all of these combined pale to the two “industries” that have made Humans such a galactic force: finance & copyright law. Many other species, before InterGalactic contact, had never invented, or even conceived of, several Financial Structures that humans take for granted. The second most advanced, in terms of legal complexity, economy in the pre-contact galaxy was that of the Maug. Still, even they, with all their technical advancement, had not yet created something as simple as debt-package-asset swap insurance. Races such as the Tarth and Ch’Ch’t hadn’t even progressed past the point of Medieval money lenders, and only had a grasp of the most basic of accounting procedures. No race in the rest of the galaxy had such advanced concepts of Copyright law or Trademark Infringement as the Humans. As interstellar trade grew, it seemed only natural that the humans, whom were so knowledgeable about such structures, should design the Galactic Trade Act, which describes, in over a million pages, Interstellar Trade Law. Eventually the other races began to realize that the routes, laws, and financial systems set up to regulate interstellar trade benefited the humans over all others. Nowhere else was this more evident than in Copyright law, which most of the rest of the galaxy saw as markedly strange and alien. Shortly after extra-species exchange, human geneticists went to work on the most demanding enterprise their race had ever attempted, they knew with the genetic samples they secretly took they could do something that they had dreamed of for over a century. They made the Galaxy’s scientifically-provably tastiest beverage. It is called OHMmm Soda (a sound of satisfaction in all known alien cultures) and was specifically designed to be delicious to every sentient species the humans had ever met, and with the knowledge of pan-genetics gained, hopefully every intelligent race they would meet. On every world of every race, OHMmm Soda is consumed by both high and low, even the notoriously anti-Corporatist Uva Mosk enjoy it on occasion. It is so prevalent that the Encyclopedia Galactica, the definitive translation guide and sum of knowledge used by scholars across all star systems, now defines “delicious” as “like the taste of OHMmm Brand Soda.” It is, however, only made on the terran Homeworld of Earth, and exported to the rest of the galaxy, it’s formula being one of the most highly guarded secrets not just on that planet, but in the entirety of the galaxy.


With only the Tarth having as much of a military tradition (though admittedly the terrans had more intense conflicts due to their later unification as a species), and only the Ch’Ch’t being more numerous, the Solarians have some of the most effective fighting forces the Galaxy. Humans often brag that it was they whom defeated the Tarth and Ch’Ch’t on world after world during the Re’Lu – Cyth war. Every corporation being a sovereign entity provides some sort of security force to guard it’s trade secrets, physical goods, and employees. Levels of security vary widely and there are firms that specialize not only in providing security, but in out-sourcing security from one firm to another. No species counts more mercenary companies, or total mercenaries, or even more mercenaries per capita, than the Solarians do. Terran mercenaries are so common that even the governments, businesses, etc of other species have hired them out, though if they don’t want to face the Merchant Marines they make sure to get a special dispensation from the Solarian Banking Authority before doing so.

The Merchant Marines are not the best equipped fighting force, that would be the Maug. Nor are they as numerous as the Ch’Ch’t. Nor do they have the same zealous morale of the Uva Mosk. Nor do they have the ironclad discipline of the Tarth. They are, however, the most well-rounded fighting force in the galaxy. Due to their high level of benefits, an impressive arsenal, and terrible penalties should they attempt to defect (particularly their addiction to Super-Soldier Serum). Combined with the Terran traditions of naval and interplanetary warfare, and their use of Super-Soldier Serum (whose formula is almost as closely guarded a secret as OHMmm soda) makes them a military force to be reckoned with by anyone. Even the most bloodthirsty Pirate Princes avoid tangling with the Merchant Marines.

Bases of Operation:

Intergalactic Relations:

The Ch’Ch’t are an endless source of consumption for the humans. The battles fought between the two during the First Galactic War were some of the fiercest that is true, and many old grudges are still held, however the Ch’Ch’t are seemingly willing to buy any old tech, luxury goods, or military hardware seeing as they were upjumped from an early medieval society. Before Solarian companies had to pay to have their trash, broken equipment, etc towed away, now the Ch’Ch’t pay, and pay handsomely, for the trash of the galaxy’s largest capitalist economy. There is grumbling among the non-shareholders, about outsourcing of manufacturing to much cheaper Ch’Ch’t factories, but since they have no shares they have no votes, so the trend continues.

The Cyth

The Maug

The Precursors

The Re’Lu

The Sesheyans

The Skirineen

The Tarth respect the strength of the Solarian military, considering how many worlds there were pitched battles for betwixt the two. Of course the Terran’s use of surprise tactics, guerilla warfare, and supply-route blockading tempers the Tarth’s view of humans. They are powerful foes, but not often honourable ones. Still, there is much honor to slay a difficult foe. Tarth and humans do trade, with Tarth consuming multi-tudes of old Solarian luxury goods which are quite rare in Tarth space.

The Tolnans

The Uva Mosk

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Species Traits:

Type: Humanoid (Solarian)

Size: Medium

Ability Modifiers: None

Speed: 30 ft

Planetary Adaptation: Water World: You gain a +4 bonus on all swim checks and can hold your breath for a nyumber of rounds equal to twice your constitution score. Moreover the effects of dehydration are doubled at each stage. Earth is a world approximately 2/3rds water, and their spacefaring traditions are based on even older naval traditions.

Commonwealth: All humans recieve +4 to their Wealth Bonus. The human economy affords more access to “things” than any other civilization. The combination of their brutally efficient production methods and their high profit-seeking drive means that human adventurers are, on average, far wealthier than other species.

Polygot: Linguistics is a class skill for all humans. If already a class skill, humans recieve a +2 bonus to this skill. The Human Language is a horrid mix of pre-Unification Arabic, Afrikans, Chinese, English, Spanish, & Urdu with far more exceptions than rules; making it the single most complicated language in the known galaxy. Meaning that all other known languages are similar to some part of Solarian, and thus easier for them to decipher.

Free Language Skills: Speak, Read, & Write Solarian.

Level Adjustment: +0

Typical Averaged Members:


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